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There is a growing body of evidence that consumer trust is actually the foundation of enterprise value. Brands now compete for it the same way they used to compete for fame. I would argue that trust is an annuity; it puts money in the bank. If people believe in what motivates your brand—not based on what you say, but on what they have experienced—they’ll come back to you again and again simply because it’s in their best interest to do so.
Bruce Philip. “Consumers Rule

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The results are in: Tumblr users fill their Dashboard with things they love, and they’re likely to turn that love into actual purchases. Nearly every respondent said they wanted something they’ve seen on Tumblr; and half said they went out and bought something they saw.

More about the purchasing power of Tumblr users: “’Tumblr is small but mighty and offers retailers a visually stimulating environment,’ said Tamara Gaffney, Adobe Digital Index’s principal analyst. ‘The fact that it produces the highest revenue per visit from mobile devices is likely due to its user base, which is skewed to young, trendy and well-educated urbanites with a greater affinity for online purchases and the disposable income to spend more.’”

Quote source from adweekmag:
"Tumblr’s Top Draw as a Marketing Platform Is Its Wealthier User Base"